Cultural Psychologist & Executive Coach

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​I coach senior executives and organizational leaders at pivot points and through processes of vision development and capacity building.


I bring to this work extensive experience as director of the Mandel Leadership Institute in Jerusalem and researcher at The George Washington University, The Carnegie Foundation and the University of Washington. My research focuses on how people form identities, create culture and adapt to social change. 

I live in Israel, grew up in London, and hold masters’ degrees in Philosophy and Psychology from Cambridge and a doctorate from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

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Coaching & Consulting


I have coached hundreds of leaders in the business, government and non-profit sectors.

Clients include heads of university departments and research centers; leaders of community and religious organizations; high-tech executives; and government policymakers. 

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Here’s some of my recent writing:


You'll never walk alone: Can football ever replace religion? – The Independent, July 2021


Irreconcilable Similarities: Why Jews in Israel and the US are drifting apart – Religion & Politics, July 2021

Analog faith in a digital ageReligion & Politics, March 2021


I went down the ‘rabbit hole’ to debunk misinformation – here’s what I learned about Big Ben and online information overloadThe Conversation, March 2021


Comedy is an important tool in the fight against stereotypes – let’s not cancel it just yetThe Independent, July 2020 


Are women better leaders?Psychology Today, May 2020


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Here’s some of my academic research:

Mosaic leadership: Charisma and bureaucracy in Exodus 18

Coaching between experts

Learning how to believe: Epistemic development in cultural context

Taking Jewish identity metaphors literally



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