I work with leadership teams to:

  • Clarify organizational vision and identity

  • Identify goals and motivations that drive the organization and hold it back

  • Identify political, material and personal obstacles to organizational excellence

  • Assess the organization's current performance and future prospects

  • Pinpoint where vision, strategy and culture require revision and realignment.

  • Define gaps in current capacity and develop plans to fill them

  • Make tough decisions about priorities and which goals and activities to set aside or postpone

  • Capitalize on strengths of key staff and stakeholders and overcome obstacles to optimal team performance, such as personality clashes, insufficiently defined roles and mistrust.

This might include:

  • Rewriting your mission

  • Preparing a strategic plan and benchmarks for success

  • Program evaluation and staff performance assessment (e.g., client surveys; staff 360s)

  • Talent recruitment, onboarding and development

  • Succession planning

  • Design of trust-building initiatives and proofs of concept

  • Keynote lectures and workshops on leadership identity and organizational culture.

Transition Management


The Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath are leading many companies, non-profits, and educational institutions to rethink their organizational structures and strategic priorities.


If financial upheavals, market uncertainties, and changing client needs require to you to sharpen your focus, re-allocate budgets or consider mergers between departments or with other organizations, I will work with you to pivot organizational firepower creatively, exploit opportunities for innovation, and avoid default "damage limitation" thinking.


To explore how I might help you take your organization to the next level, contact me: