I specialize in individual, data-driven work with CEOs and senior executives who seek to pivot their career, or the organization they lead, to maximize their impact.


If you’re at a professional crossroads and ready to embark on your next big challenge, I’ll help identify your strengths, define goals worthy of them, and develop strategies to achieve what matters to you most.


My approach combines psychological precision with institution-building expertise and international experience coaching executives in the public, business and non-profit sectors.

I conduct all individual coaching via videoconference. I do not insist on a minimum number of meetings or a set coaching period. At our first meeting, we’ll define specific goals for the initial phase, and then adjust our focus and pace as your agenda evolves.  

I’m used to working with goal-driven high achievers, and I aim to make myself superfluous as soon as possible. On the other hand, this isn’t therapy; it’s work. Expect probing questions and challenging assignments between meetings. Expect also that I’ll be in your corner throughout the process and that I’ll treat anything important to you as a legitimate and confidential topic for serious analysis and detailed planning. 

Questions I've helped clients answer include: What crossroads am I at? What ambitions have I yet to achieve? How can I capitalize on my strengths and manage my weaknesses more effectively? What barriers lie ahead and how can I anticipate and remove them?


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